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AlleShield® uses the industry’s best skin test protocol to diagnose allergies. We offer one of the world‘s most precise allergy tests, with a high degree of sensitivity, specificity, and low variability of results.

Our test is received well by patients and is quick and easy to use!

How It Works


This is an eight pronged plastic applicator that is dipped into the allergy serums and pressed firmly onto the skin, not breaking the skin. The only discomfort in the testing process should be the reaction that occurs if the patient is allergic to one of the allergens. Typically this is an itching sensation that is easily resolved with a topical cream supplied by the allergy technician after completing the test.

How Long Will It Take?

The test itself only takes 15 minutes, and results are recorded by the allergy technician. The entire process takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Test Steps

Step #1

The eight pronged plastic applicator is placed in the wells.


Step #2

The plastic applicator is dipped into the allergy serums and pressed firmly onto the skin, not breaking the skin. This applies eight tests in two seconds.


Step #3

The results are evident and clear. The test shows high reprodutibility from histamine.


Here is why doctors love our skin test:

What reasons are there to use our test? Here are just a few….

  • High degree of sensitivity: 98 – 100
  • High degree of specificity: 95 – 100
  • Low variability in results: CV 12.7 – 18.7$
  • OSHA compliant
  • Good patient acceptance
  • Speed, convenience, and simplicity of use
  • Unsurpassed quality, — manufactured under ISO 13485 standards.


After the allergy technician records the results, they are presented to your medical provider to review. The provider may wish to meet with you to review the results and recommend treatment options. If the patient is eligible and a good candidate for immunotherapy, the provider will recommend this option.

The allergy technician will then explain the details of the program. Immunotherapy is a mixture of the allergy serums that the patient tested positive for on the skin test. This mixture is created in undiluted form and will be the foundation of the immunotherapy process.

The technician will then create a series of dilutions to begin immunotherapy. These dilutions start at 1/100,000 the original concentration. This means that the original concentration is 100,000 times stronger than the immunotherapy serum that patients start with. The treatment becomes more concentrated over time as the patient continues on the program. Eventually the patient will receive injections of the full-strength immunotherapy serum.

The patient will continue on the full-strength serum for a period of time while the body adapts to the allergens and establishes a natural resistance. Upon completion of the immunotherapy program the patient should experience a significant reduction in allergy reactions in their environment. The degree of success varies from person to person.

If successful, patients can experience years and years of successful resistance to their allergies, allowing them to live a normal life and participate in activities that may have been difficult or impossible before therapy.

For more specific information about the program please see your provider and the allergy technician in their office.

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